Python Leather Jacket “Joey”


Python leather jacket “Joey” is peppered with a whole load of extraordinary specials. Starting with a mixture between a bomber jacket and an oversized blouson, it features numerous possible combinations. Furthermore, this brilliant design piece attracts attention by being specially composed by different types of python leather.

On the outside the typical dignified back-cut of the python causes a straight but exquisite look – the back-cut python leather means, that the scales are really fine. Next to the Italian Lampo zipper on the inside, you can feel the rough python front-cut on your own skin. Besides the loose cut with its casual style and shining, another striking feature is the powerful staged and chromed MM badge at the left top of the luxurious garment “Joey”.

The most outstanding and rare characteristic is the elastic waistband crafted by 100% real premium leather at the Max Macchina manufactory in Paris.

A 100% Cupro Lining refined with skull figures and the MM emblem inwardly matched with a clean cut on the outside completes the elitist look of this first-class masterpiece. By opposing street features to formal specialties, the exotic leatherjacket “Joey” takes the position of the all-rounder at the current Max Macchina line.


Material: 100% Leather Python
Waistband: 100% Leather Lamb
Lining: 100% Cupro

Made in Paris

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