Leather coat “Zeus” raises the bar for luxurious winter fashion.

As a combination of lamb’s leather, crocodile leather and mink fur, it unifies the most extravagant and high-class premium materials. “Zeus” is part of the current Max Macchina winter special line and causes a stir by its golden zipper as well as the golden button embellishments on one hand. On the other hand, there is a conspicious crocodile pattern inserted in the shoulder parts of the outstanding winter coat.

Alongside you can see the golden MM emblem flashing. Together with the real mink fur on top and the real leather cuffs at the lower end, this premium garment can’t be exceled in extraordinaire. “Zeus” is deemed to be a true masterstroke in design by melding different styles in one piece.

Croco leatherjacket meets classic fur coat and brings a breeze of the typical rockstar spirit, that lives in every piece penned by Max Macchina.


Material: 100% Leather Lamb, 100% Leather Crocodile
Lining: 100% Cupro, 100% Down

Made in France