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Max Macchina beeindruckt mit speziellen Collaborations.

Der luxuriöse Touch jedes einzelnen Produkt gibt ihnen eine einzigartige Handschrift.


When you think of TEAM TSAR you should think of a lifestyle, a lifestyle of exciting rallies, travel, glamorous parties and of course luxury cars. All members of TEAM TSAR share the same interest for exactly these things.

The most important part for TEAM TSAR is the participation in various interesting rallies like the GUMBALL3000 and others.

Besides that, TEAM TSAR shares a passion for philanthropy and supports several charities, one of them being the Michael S. Rudyak memorial fund.

Max Macchina is a proud Partner of Team Tsar.


Romulo Feliciano Kuranyi + painting and arts is a love relationship that exists since he was a child. This hobby has long since become his passionate profession.
Since 2013, Romulo Feliciano Kuranyi presents his pictures in public with great success. His first exhibition took place in the Grand Louvre in Paris, another one in Rome.
In October 2014, the man from Stuttgart realized his dream and opened up his own gallery in the heart of his hometown. The special thing about his work: every single one of his paintings is a unique piece.

Romulo’s signature on Max Macchinas Masterpieces.

Romulo's 'Farbenspiel' Exhibition Opening In Frankfurt am Main
Romulo's 'Farbenspiel' Exhibition Opening In Frankfurt am Main
Romulo's 'Farbenspiel' Exhibition Opening In Frankfurt am Main